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What is a X/Z-Out report ?

X/Z-Out report Report of POS activities. The X-Out Shift Report can be run throughout the day to monitor sales activity. The Z-Out Drawer Count report is run at the end of a shift or day to reconcile the cash drawer. The Z-Out Store Close report is run at the end of the day to summarize the days sales activities and cash flow, as well as help in preparing a bank deposit.

X and Z reports summarize sales, returns, and other activity occurring on a specific register during a shift. X reports cover everything from the shift opening until when the report is run, and Z reports cover the entire shift from open to close. X and Z reports must be run at the register, can be filtered by employee, and can be printed or reprinted as needed.


The Z Report allows for the ability for a manual Z (zero out), that will have totals reset at the POS. It is used to close out the register along with tracking totals for a shift change (in addition to the daily totals being automatically Z’ed out at 4am daily). By pressing  the “Print” button the report is run and the totals are zeroed out.

A pop up will appear confirming that by pressing the Print button the user realized that the totals will be reset.


The current Daily Summary report displays all data since the last Z and is also known as the DSR X report. The Z report closes the open bank and sync’s the transactions in the background (unlike the DSR).

Note: There is also a ZZ report option that will run a Z report and print a summary of all Z reports since the last ZZ report was run.


Access rights are for store managers and Venue Managers.

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