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What is UPIC ?

UPIC (UNIVERSAL PAYMENT IDENTIFICATION CODE) – Developed by the Electronic Payments Network, the ACH business of The Clearing House Payments Co. L.L.C., a UPIC is a unique bank account identifier that allows companies to receive electronic payments without divulging their sensitive banking information. UPICs are for credits payments only and are portable from one institution to another.

A Universal Payment Identification Code (UPIC) is a unique account identifier that looks and acts just
like a real account number on ACH payment transactions. A UPIC can be published as part of the
organization’s electronic (ACH) payment instructions on websites and invoices without exposing actual
banking information.

UPIC Receive more payments electronically.

Companies are understandably reluctant to expose bank account numbers on websites and invoices,
even though it’s required to get paid electronically. A UPIC takes the place of a company’s bank account
number on electronic payments (ACH), making it a safe way to publish electronic payment instructions.

Protect corporate accounts from fraud.

Using UPICs in place of account numbers in ACH payment transactions reduce the risk of unauthorized
ACH debits, demand drafts and fraudulent checks on corporate accounts. UPICs are for electronic credit
payments only and cannot be used to initiate ACH debits.

How UPICs Work

UPICs are issued and maintained by financial institutions and are portable. They are for credit  payments only and remain with the company even if account numbers or banking relationships change.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does having a UPIC require my company or my trading partners to make system changes?

No system changes are required with the UPIC. The UPIC and universal routing/transit number look and act like a real account information and work with any cash management, accounting or payment system.

2. Can my suppliers use my UPIC to direct debit me as they do now?

UPICs are used for credit only; debits are blocked.

3.  Who maintains the UPIC information?
Financial institutions maintain the UPIC database, including daily updates.

4. Does the UPIC replace my account number?
The UPIC does not replace your account number at your bank. UPICs are used in place of account
numbers on electronic payment instructions, but are linked to your account numbers in the database.

5.  Can UPICs be used to originate wire payments?
Today, UPICs can only be used for ACH credit payments.

6. Will the UPIC work in conjunction with my bank’s routing and transit number?
No. The UPIC is used in conjunction only with the universal routing number.

7. What effort does it take to implement UPICs? Where do I get them?
Implementing UPICs is easy. You obtain UPICs and the universal routing number from a participating bank and communicate them to your trading partners and customers.

8. Who has access to my UPIC information?
Only authorized employees at your bank can view and maintain your UPIC information.

9. What types of organizations are using UPICs today?
Companies from more than 30 industries use UPICs today:
• Agriculture
• Apparel
• Automotive
• Communications
• Computer Manufacturing
• Construction Services
• Distributor
• Education
• Employee Benefits Services
• Financial Services
• Food Products
• Fuel Distribution
• Fund Raising
• Health Services
• Hospitality
• Medical Technologies
• Membership Organizations
• Paper Products
• Public Finance
• Real Estate
• Retail
• Transportation
• Utilities
• And more…

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