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REGIONAL PAYMENTS ASSOCIATION – An organization formed by DFIs to regulate and support the exchange of electronic transactions.

A Network of Eleven Regional Payments Associations

Located throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and Guam, the Regional Payments Associations are specially recognized and licensed providers of ACH education, publications and support. While each Regional Payments Association is a separate organization, their shared mission is to educate ACH Network users and provide information and resources to their members. Representing the diverse breadth of U.S. financial institutions to NACHA, the Regional Payments Associations are key contributors to the NACHA Rulemaking Process, professional accreditation programs, and ACH advocacy and education. NACHA strongly encourages all financial institutions to seek and maintain membership in a Regional Payments Association.

MACHA – The Mid-Atlantic Payments Association
NEACH – New England ACH Association
Southern Financial Exchange ​
The Clearing House Payments Authority
UMACHA – Upper Midwest ACH Association
WACHA – The Premier Payments Resource

Regional Payments Associations

Payments professionals rely on the Regional Payments Associations to provide reliable payments knowledge on the governing rules, regulations and U.S. law related to the ACH, Check, Card, Image, Wire and emerging payments systems. As non-profit organizations that are mission focused, our purpose is to advance payments systems quality by improving compliance with payments rules and regulations through education, information and tools developed by our subject matter experts and nationally accredited staff members.

By State

Arizona – www.wespay.org
Arkansas – www.epcor.org | www.sfe.org
California – www.wespay.org
Colorado – www.wespay.org
Connecticut – www.neach.org/
Delaware – www.macha.org | www.theclearinghouse.org
District of Columbia – www.macha.org
Florida – www.epayresources.org
Georgia – www.paymentsfirst.org
Hawaii – www.wespay.org
Idaho – www.wespay.org
Illinois – www.epcor.org | www.theclearinghouse.org
Indiana – www.epcor.org | www.theclearinghouse.org
Iowa – www.epcor.org | www.shazam.net
Kansas – www.epcor.org
Kentucky – www.epcor.org
Louisiana – www.epayresources.org | www.sfe.org
Maine – www.neach.org
Maryland – www.macha.org
Massachusetts – www.neach.org
Michigan – www.theclearinghouse.org | www.umacha.org
Minnesota – www.umacha.org
Mississippi – www.sfe.org
Missouri – www.epcor.org
Montana – www.umacha.org
Nebraska – www.epcor.org
Nevada – www.wespay.org
New Hampshire – www.neach.org
New Jersey – www.theclearinghouse.org
New Mexico – www.epayresources.org | www.wespay.org
New York – www.theclearinghouse.org
North Carolina – www.epayresources.org
North Dakota – www.umacha.org
Ohio – www.epcor.org
Oklahoma – www.epcor.org
Oregon – www.wespay.org
Pennsylvania – www.epcor.org | www.macha.org | www.theclearinghouse.org
Rhode Island – www.neach.org
South Carolina – www.paymentsfirst.org
South Dakota – www.umacha.org
Tennessee – www.paymentsfirst.org | www.sfe.org
Texas – www.epayresources.org
Utah – www.wespay.org
Vermont – www.neach.org
Virginia – www.epayresources.org | www.macha.org
Washington – www.wespay.org
West Virginia – www.epayresources.org | www.epcor.org | www.macha.org
Wisconsin – www.umacha.org | www.wacha.org
Wyoming – www.wespay.org

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