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What is the Accounting Report Menu?

Accounting Reports Menu- Online Merchant Center menu with options to view online check stats and fees.

When considering what your business needs from a merchant services provider, the business owner is in the driver’s seat. Keep the following in mind as must-have areas for your merchant services.


 Our consumer-driven world is on-the-go more than ever. For brick-and-mortar retailers, keeping up is a must. Mobile payments solutions are easy to setup and operate for businesses, while creating safe, convenient, and seamless checkout experiences for your customers. Apple Pay, Android Pay, Google Pay? Accept them safely and securely. Mobile acceptance solutions allow you to accept credit card payments virtually anywhere with dedicated mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets. Worldpay keeps you prepared for the mobile present, and future.

Accounting Reports Menu  Safety and security

You don’t need to be told how important security is. You’ve worked too hard to compromise the reputation of your business, your bank account, or your customers’ goodwill. You definitely don’t have time to worry about fraud. That’s the job of merchant services. Your job is to pick the one you can trust. Successfully processing over 40 billion transactions annually, Free Merchant Terminal merchant services understands that fighting fraud means making sure the bad guys never win, while maximize payment acceptance. Free Merchant Terminal offers fraud and data security protection services that keep your business safe, so you can focus on pursuing your dreams.

Accounting Reports Menu Reporting

As your business grows and you have more inventory, more locations, and more staff, you’ll want more robust reporting to go along with it. Free Merchant Terminal offers world-class reporting and data analytics. Better yet, we provide reporting tools that help you track and reconcile inventory data and allow you to reconcile payments and sales data with other back-end intelligence, like accounting.

Accounting Reports Menu Marketing.

Credit card acceptance, payment processing and merchant services should be important tools in helping you make money. Free Merchant Terminal merchant services reporting lets you know who your customers are and how they spend goes a long way in defining incentive and loyalty programs—letting you reward your retail customers, and gain more of them.

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