WebMaster – Person(s) answerable for the turn of events and support of at least one Web workers as well as a few or the entirety of the Web pages at a Web webpage. The WebMaster is regularly likewise the originator of a few or the entirety of the webpage’s pages. A webmaster is somebody who… Continue reading WebMaster

Web Host

Web Host – Web hosting company (usually an ISP) that leases server space and Web services to companies and individuals who wish to present a Web or e-commerce presence without maintaining their own servers. The servers are connected to the same fast Internet backbone as the ISP. Cost structures are determined by the amount and complexity… Continue reading Web Host


WWW –  Abbreviation for World Wide Web. What most clients consider when you state the Internet. WWW Started With Sir Tim Berners-Lee Sir Tim Berners-Lee is a British PC researcher. He was brought into the world in London, and his folks were early PC researchers, chipping away at perhaps the soonest PC. Growing up, Sir… Continue reading WWW

Shopping Cart

What is a Shopping Cart ? Shopping Cart – The way most companies online keep record of what you have picked while browsing in their online store. Just as in a physical store you can put in and take items out of your online store before you actually buy it. A shopping cart on an online retailer’s site… Continue reading Shopping Cart

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

What is Secure Socket Layer (SSL)? Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – Secure encryption method that provides security between a server and a browser. Netscape designed  SSL for e-commerce transactions involving confidential information such as credit card numbers. SSL uses a system of public and private key authentication combined with other schemes to verify electronic signatures. SSL Certificates are… Continue reading Secure Socket Layer (SSL)